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S07E15: Ric Waugh


Checking in with Ric Waugh.

Actor and funnyman Ric stops in the studio to talk about theatre, acting and commercial recognition.

Join Ric and tva as they fly through the following:

– There’s too many damned Londons in the world
– If you’re going to be a jerk…own it.
– This piece of brilliant work that still holds to this day:

Thanks and enjoy!

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S02E06: Shelley Marshall

We put names to faces with Shelley Marshall.

Comedian, world traveller, and fantastic friend Shelley Marshall swings by to sit a spell and give the whisky a go.

Join tva, Shelley, and Ian as we get around to the following:

– Her delightful show “Full Bawdy Comedy
– Opening for “Puppetry of the Penis
– Comedy in the UK
– Gigging down in South Africa (not Sun City)

Thanks and enjoy!