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S15E21: Dave Curran


Snapping to it with Dave Curran.

Dave is a wonderfully talented hypnotist, magician and former DJ. He runs the gamut and brings the funny. You can see him perform at Dave & Busters.

Join Dave and TVA as they sleep deep on the following:

– The wonders of morning zoo DJing
– Can hypnotists be hypnotized? The answer will astound you!
– Magic!

Thanks and enjoy!


S04E09: David Acer

Having a magic time with David Acer

We were able to have a lovely sit-down with this very funny comedian and magician when he was in town performing.

Join tva, David, and Darcy as they make the following stuff up:

– The joys of actually decent magic
– Comedy club ownership
– Bridging the gap between performance and comedy

Thanks and enjoy!