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S23E24: Marc Hallworth

Boxing it in with Marc Hallworth.

Marc returns to the show to talk about his birthday which is today! Also today is the release of Marc’s comedy album “Happy Pappy” so give yourself a gift and pick it up now!

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Join Marc, Producer Darcy and TVA as they SOMETHING the following:

– Good shows!
– Bad shows!
– Corporate shows!

Thanks and enjoy!


S21E10: Marc Hallworth

Tallying it up with Marc Hallworth.

Marc is a fabulous comedian and runner of some super shows when the world is not in lockdown. Make sure you check him out on a show either in person or via the internets.

Join Marc, Producer Darcy and TVA as they pry open the following:

– Zoom shows. Lots and lots of Zoom shows.
– Spreadsheets in Comedy: Yes, that’s a thing.
– What’s comedy opening up in the world like?

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Thanks and enjoy!


S15E07: Marc Hallworth


Showing up with Marc Hallworth.

Not only is Marc a wonderfully funny comedian and a runner of great shows in the city of Toronto, he’s really nice. Enjoy this chat with him!

Join Marc and TVA as they go up on the following:

– Open mic pet peeves: Are There?
– Calgary comedy gives you many things…and not
– Stand-up comedy etiquette for open mics. Adhere to these!

Thanks and enjoy!

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