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S15E12: Marcel St. Pierre


Getting weird with Marcel St. Pierre.

Improviser, actor, comedian and author Marcel slides by the show to talk about his latest book, a collection of short stories called “Cliche and Wind Go Hitchhiking”. You can find details HERE.

Join Marcel and TVA as they go short on the following:

– Todd comes clean about how he ditched on Marcel’s great show “The Coincidence Men”
– We know famous people
– Every try telling a joke not in English? Pretty easy!

Thanks and enjoy!

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S11E07: Marcel St. Pierre


Getting short with Marcel St. Pierre.

Our friend Marcel returns! And we couldn’t be happier. Go check out Marcel’s The ShortWeird Show at the Social Capital Theatre in Toronto.

Join Marcel and tva as they get weird on the following:

– Ever butcher a language? We do!
– Get on our hashtag #QuebecifyABand
– National anthems? We got a lot of them

Thanks and enjoy!

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