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S22E14: Kevin Brauch

Chopping it up with Kevin Brauch.

Eight-time guest, mixologist and all-round awesome guy Kevin returns to the podcast in his first virtual capacity. There’s a reason he’s been back eight times. Enjoy!

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Join Kevin, Producer Darcy and TVA as they toast the following:

– We talk with Kevin Sa-Brauch
– Around the world and the Quality Hotel with Kevin
– Mexican wrestling and Laker Ice

Thanks and enjoy!


S13E12: Scott McCallum & Victoria Walsh (A Field Guide to Canadian Cocktails)


Mixing it up with Scott McCallum & Victoria Walsh of ‘A Field Guide to Canadian Cocktails’.

Scott and Victoria are a wonderful couple who came together to make this fantastic book on Canadian booze, food and life. Truly astounding. You can buy it HERE.

Join Scott, Victoria and tva as they toast the following:

– There’s a ton of good booze in Canada
– Ever eat an old toe?
– When getting engaged, always take the bucket

Thanks and enjoy!

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