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S15E22: Peter Mishara


Getting in the game with Peter Mishara.

Peter is an accomplished director and created a documentary series about the evolution of artistry in video games. You can see this great series HERE IN CANADA or for our US LISTENERS HERE.

Join Peter and TVA as they press ‘Start’ on the following:

– Movies, video games and the great marriage of the two
– #ONPoli
– Welcome to Canada!

Thanks and enjoy!


S14E25: Craig David Wallace


Getting the Faust outta here with Craig David Wallace.

Craig has a fantastic and wide-ranging career as a director of great shows like Odd Squad, Slasher and The Beaverton.

He swung by the podcast to talk about his latest movie Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. A perfect stalking-stuffer!

Join CDW and TVA as they slash through the following:

– 2017’s Best Movies: Were there?
– Guilty Pleasures: Are there?
– Too Much TV: Is there?

Thanks and enjoy!

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Season 14 album art uses Backbar with various bottles of spirits in the bar “Boilerman”, Hamburg, Germany. by Stefan Giesbert used under CC-BY-SA-4.0 / cropped from original.


S13E21: Jake Raymond


Flipping out with Jake Raymond.

How talented is Jake Raymond? He’s an actor, producer and just wrote and starred in the wonderful film Ashes. Make sure you see this!

Join Jake and tva as they nail the landing on the following:

– Don’t do drunk gymnastics
– “Your cellphone” is the new “your brain”
– Stop being nice!

Thanks and enjoy!

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