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S16E21-Supplement: Nathan Ali’s “I Wanna Know” & TVA’s Dates


We messed up. We forgot the audio for Nathan Ali’s “I Wanna Know”.

You can find the video here:

Also, TVA lists his upcoming dates in December and January. Go out and see him live!

All dates are found here at his website’s Calendar Page.

Thanks and enjoy!


S16E21: Nathan Ali


Freestylin’ with Nathan Ali.

Nathan is a fantastic hip-hop artist with a brilliant story on how he got to be the performer he is. You can find his latest single I Wanna Know <-- HERE, as well as wherever you find your music. Join Nathan and TVA as they hop through the following:

– How to start in hip-hop
– Another WeDay artist!
– Performing for Five People: Is there?

Thanks and enjoy!