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S23E05: Sean Jordan AKA Wordburglar

Getting hairy with The Wordburglar.

Sean Jordan is one of the most prolific, honest and fun hip-hop artists Canada has produced. You can pick up his latest album Burgonomic on Bandcamp before its wide release on August 1. Make sure you buy the album if you can!

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Join Wordburglar, Producer Darcy and TVA as they make their way through the following:

– Bad gigs that are kind of good
– Do you wear your own merch?
– Don’t meet your heroes

Thanks and enjoy!


S06P05: Kumail Nanjiani


Join us for a phone interview with the amazingly funny Kumail Nanjiani and also listen for a chance to win his amazingly funny CD/DVD combo “Beta Male”.

With the release of ‘Beta Male’, Kumail has solidified his stand-up ability and we get to discuss his comedy and other projects that he’s working on. And, if you listen to the end of the ep, you’ll get a track from the album as well as a chance to win it!

Contest closes Friday, Sept 6th.

Join Kumail and tva as they talk about:

– Growing up in Karachi, Pakistan
– Getting nerdy early
– Gamers and gaming culture

Thanks to Kumail, Comedy Central Records and The Laugh Button.



S02E20: David Pryde

David Pryde swings by with a tingling Spidey-Sense.

Funny man David Pryde Google-maps his way to the CATP Towers to record with us.

Join tva, David, and Ian as we spin a web of the following:

– The brilliance of summer, road work, and other cities
– David’s great album “googly”
– Nerditry! (what else would you expect?)
The Ultimate Comic Book Set

Thanks and enjoy!