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S19E18: Jimmy Pardo


Cutting the cord with Jimmy Pardo.

Jimmy is one of the best. Fantastic podcaster. Hilarious comedian. All-round great guy and we’re happy to see him return. Make sure you listen to his podcast Never Not Funny.

Join Jimmy, Darcy and TVA as they seamlessly talk through the following without any interruption whatsoever:

– Life during COVID
– Comedy is back!-ish
– Jimmy and Todd can’t do home reno

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Thanks and enjoy!


S04E22: CATP-Live! with Jimmy Pardo

(Copyright Sharilyn Johnson 2012)

Making the right choices with “Never Not Funny” host and “Conan O’Brien Show” opener JIMMY PARDO.

After a weekend of hosting for the true gentleman that is Jimmy Pardo, tva and Ian record a very special live episode with one of the funniest men out there.

Join Jimmy, tva, and Ian as we take swings at:

– What makes a good cab ride
– Throwing the first pitch
– The makings of good podcasting

Thanks and enjoy!