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S22E07: Jon Fisch

Feelings with Jon Fisch.

Jon is an accomplished comedian and podcast pioneer. His third album “Hinged” is available on YouTube and other streaming services. Watch and listen now!

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Join Jon, Producer Darcy and TVA as they resort to the following:

– The politics around the jab
– Jon visits comedy clubs in Canada!
– Comedy in Florida is something

Thanks and enjoy!


S20E17: Gianmarco Soresi


Standing in the cellar with Gianmarco Soresi.

Gianmarco is a New York-based comic whose new album ‘Shelf Life’ is available for purchase and on all streaming services. Make sure you go get it! Buy comedy and support comics.

Join Gianmarco, Producer Darcy and TVA as they sing through the following:

– Meeting the greats isn’t always great
– Ha!, LOL and meeting pretty ladies
– Bring the performance!

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Thanks and enjoy!


S10E12: Bob & Tobly McSmith


Getting theatrical with the creators of ‘Full House! The Musical!’ Bob & Tobly McSmith.

After much scheduling ado, we were able to bring the creative team of ‘Full House! The Musical!’ to the studio before they pack up and mount the show in New York. The Toronto dates end Sunday, Sept 6, 2015 so ORDER YOUR TORONTO TICKETS HERE.

Join Bob, Tobly and tva as they act on the following:

– ‘Saved By The Bell’, ‘Showgirls’ and now… ‘Full House’
– The Toronto Sun has a theatre section!
– Coming out to co-workers is still a thing
– Long live the parody

Thanks and enjoy!

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