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S16E10: Mike MacDonald


Putting down some words with Mike MacDonald.

Mike is a journalist, both satirical and real. From writing for The Onion, PostMedia and the CBC, he has co-written his third book in the “Choose Your Own Misery” series about dating. You can buy it HERE or where good books are sold.

Join Mike and TVA as they write up the following:

– Some of the best headlines from The Onion
– Journalism can land you in jail. Not cool.
– Sometimes writing is just sitting there and staring at a clock

Thanks and enjoy!


S08E02: Gary Pearson


Getting it write with Gary Pearson.

We got ourselves a bona fide author on here you kiddin’ me?!?? Gary joins us to talk about his great novel “Me and the Crack Mayor”. There’s other things in here as well. Like…THE 80s!!!

Get a load of this sweet vid!

Join Gary and tva as they mullet over the following:

– Buy “Me and the Crack Mayor” in CANADA ON AMAZON.CA or in THE USA ON AMAZON.COM
– Writing on MADtv

Thanks and enjoy!

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