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S22E09: Samantha Wan

Finding the funny with Samantha Wan.

Samantha returns as a third-time guest on the podcast. You can find her in the CBC Gem show “Run the Burbs” and on the “Kwantum” podcast.

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Join Samantha, Producer Darcy and TVA as they let it all out on the following:

– Your pet’s paw prints
– Sad songs say so much
– Underselling yourself

Thanks and enjoy!


S12E15: Ian MacIntyre


Going deep with Ian MacIntyre.

Long time friend, funny man, writer and performer Ian comes by again for a wonderful chat. There’s a reason he keeps coming back, what with all of this intelligent and funny. His show The Beaverton debuts on the Comedy Network in November.

Join Ian and tva as they fret on the following:

– The death of Jimmy explained
– This US election is nuts
– tva’s on The Beaverton!

Thanks and enjoy!

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S02E24: Massimo Capra

Cookin’ up some laughs with Chef Massimo Capra.

Chef Massimo comes to CATP Towers and joins Todd for a load of chat about food and fun.

Join tva and Massimo as we slice into the following:

– We discuss Massimo’s new book 3 Chefs
– Self-mutilation in the kitchen’s of Italy
– Massimo steps to the honour of Paris Hilton
– Massimo helps save Todd’s old haunt
– What the hell is wrong with people in restaurants???

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Thanks and enjoy!