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S13E19: Carolyn Bennett


Opening the kimono with Carolyn Bennett.

SIX TIME GUEST Carolyn slides by the studio. She’s hilarious as always and is here promoting her fifth anniversary show of HIRUT HOOT!. Make sure you check out this amazing show!

Join Carolyn and tva as they hack on the following:

– Carolyn’s got a phone!
– Thanks for the ratings, people!
– Ever sell a house?

Thanks and enjoy!

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S09E16: Pierre Brault


Acting up with Pierre Brault.

Pierre is a long-time friend from tva’s early days in comedy and you get to hear them reconnect and get into the essence of performing and the art it is. And there are fart jokes. Probably.

Join Pierre and tva as they perform great feats on the following:

– The early days of stand-up for everyone in the studio
– What makes a good room?
– Acting and comedy are closer than you think

Thanks and enjoy!

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