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S18E02: Victoria Searle


Going 55 with Victoria Searle.

Victoria is a talented model, actor and, like TVA, a fan of Rangers FC. Make sure you follow Victoria and see her upcoming events, including a trip to Glasgow for the first Old Firm match of the year.

Join Victoria and TVA as they have a blether about the following:

– Modelling tips!
– Ghosts!
– Who’s your fave Rangers team?

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E01: Neil Crone


Loading the count with Neil Crone.

You know Neil. He’s a Canadian actor who has been in everything. And now you can see him in The Ninth now streaming on CBC Gem.

Join Neil and TVA as they take a swing at the following:

– Second City is where it all starts
– We take a stroll through Neil’s resume. It’s a biggie.
– Neil and TVA have a past…

Thanks and enjoy!


S18: Staff Party!


Staff Party Episode!

No guest, just Darcy and TVA putting together a transition from Season 17 to Season 18.

We can’t thank you all enough for listening to over 400 episodes that we’ve done. We’re already looking forward to Season 18. It’s going to be great.

Thanks and enjoy!