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S17E13: Matt Gass


Changing it up with Matt Gass.

Matt is a funny comedian and actor. So much so that he’s back for a second dose of CATP.

As well, my show Write Em Up turns three years old on April 20th at Comedy Bar in Toronto. You can buy tickets HERE.

Join Matt and TVA as they stretch it out on the following:

– Even dogs get “career changed”
– Which Van Halen are you?
– The Mob: Is there?

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E12: Samantha Wan


Investigating with Samantha Wan.

Return guest time! Samantha returns to the show to talk about her upcoming show Private Eyes.

Join Samantha and TVA as they sob their way through the following:

– Writing is great and sucks
– Working with Jason Priestley is just great
– ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ will make you cry

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E11: Kate Davis


Getting bookish with Kate Davis.

Kate is a wonderfully talented comedian, actor and now author. You can get her new book “Second Best Mom” and her first stand-up album “House Arrest” HERE.

Join Kate and TVA as they come together on the following:

– It’s amazing what brings the comedy community together
– Who blocks you?
– Comedy is changing…for the good!

Thanks and enjoy!