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S19E07: Andrew Moodie


Having a Riot with Andrew Moodie.

Andrew is an award-winning playwright and actor and host of Upload, a political round-table show where he, Bobby Del Rio, Louis Taylor and TVA discuss the world’s landscape. Check it out!

Join Andrew, Producer Darcy and TVA as they roll through the following:

– Racism in Canada is the same but different
– Gone With the Wind
– Golden Palace

Thanks and enjoy!


S10E02: Darryl Pring


Getting organized with Darryl Pring.

Actor and funny man Darryl joins us in advance of his great show OCD: Obsessive Compulsive DarrylToronto Fringe Festival.

Join Darryl and tva as they sort through the following:

– We solve MRAs, feminism and racism. Not bad for two white guys.
– How do you make your old man cry? Beer.
– The faves!
– The Exes!

Thanks and enjoy!

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S08E14: Pay Chen


Parlando con Pay Chen.

On the back of our success in a live podcast environment, we bring back Pay for a proper in-studio chat. She’s a treat!

Join Pay and tva as they caffeinate their way through the following:

– Sleep deprivation: Oh, the joy!
– Racist!
– We visit Italy! Not together, though.

Thanks and enjoy!

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