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S10E10: Jimmy Cassidy


Moving about with Jimmy Cassidy.

Jimmy slides by the studios for the first of what will be many about the forthcoming Canadian election #elxn42, moving and meat.

Join Jimmy and tva as they chew on the following:

– The Canadian Election
– Prairies & Ireland
– Loose meat!

Oh, and…

Thanks and enjoy!

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S06E24: Trenna Keating


Getting alienated with Trenna Keating.

A wonderful conversation today with the lovely portrayer of Doc Yewll on the SciFi hit Defiance.

Join Trenna, tva and Darcy as we space out on the following:

– How does one actually act in Saskatchewan?
– How to tell if your agency is dodgy
– Playing an alien. How does that affect you?

Thanks and enjoy!

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