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S13E10: Paul Shaffer


Banding together with Paul Shaffer.

Paul is not just a musical legend, but has been at the ground floor for ground-breaking comedy institutions like Saturday Night Live and Late Night with David Letterman.

Paul begins a musical tour with the World’s Most Dangerous Band with a night at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls being one of the dates. You can find all the dates of this great tour HERE.

Join Paul and tva as they reminisce on the following:

– The path from Thunder Bay to NYC
– The evolution of SNL
– Hanging with David Letterman

Thanks and enjoy!

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S06R04: Kevin Nealon “Whelmed…But Not Overly”


If you ever watched late-night TV during the 80s and 90s or anytime, really, you are more than familiar with Kevin Nealon.

Here’s a review of Kevin’s album “Whelmed…But Not Overly” and give you details on how to win this great CD and DVD package. Stay to the end to find out how!

Thanks to Kevin, Comedy Central and The Laugh Button.



S06P01: Bruce McCulloch

A quick conversation with sketch comedian, actor, director and former “Kids in the Hall” member Bruce McCulloch!

Bruce McCulloch is taking interviews in advance of his performance of “Young Drunk Punk” as performed at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival going on now until March 17, 2013.

We were honoured to get as much time as we did with him, and thank him for his time.

Join Bruce and tva as they talk about:

– The early KITH days in Toronto at the Rivoli
– Working on the KITH show
– “Young Drunk Punk”
– Sketch, acting, or directing: Which is better?
– What’s next?
– Who’s his favourite character he’s ever done?

Thanks and enjoy!