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S18E18: Nile Seguin


Going on with Nile Seguin.

Long-time friend of the show Nile shows up to talk about everything that comics and performers go through in Canada. A fantastic chat!

Join Nile and TVA as they scribble their way through the following:

– Cases of mistaken identity and mistaken fame
– Mental health, therapy and voice work
– Just…write!

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E12: Samantha Wan


Investigating with Samantha Wan.

Return guest time! Samantha returns to the show to talk about her upcoming show Private Eyes.

Join Samantha and TVA as they sob their way through the following:

– Writing is great and sucks
– Working with Jason Priestley is just great
– ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ will make you cry

Thanks and enjoy!


S12E18: Amanda Joy & Samantha Wan (from “Second Jen”)


Moving out with Amanda Joy and Samantha Wan from Second Jen.

Amanda and Samantha come by to talk about their great new show on City. Truly fun and a great chat. Enjoy!

Join Amanda, Samantha and tva as they couch the following:

This article spawned a whole new generation
– Creating stuff is fun
– Mr. Dress-Up, Radio-Free Vestibule and other shows you’ve never heard of

Thanks and enjoy!

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