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S09E21: Rielle Braid & Colin Doyle: “Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play”


Turning it on with Rielle Braid and Colin Doyle from the play Mr Burns: A Post-Electric Play.

We are blessed to have Colin and Rielle join us in studio to discuss their great play that starts in Toronto May 9/15 through May 31/15.


Join Colin, Rielle and tva as they get current with:

– Ever do a person-to-person correlation between “Archie and the Riverdale Gang” and “The Avengers”? We did.
– Fire up your Simpsons voices
– Who are your favourite Simpsons characters?
– What do you do when your namesake is a jerk?

Thanks and enjoy!

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S02E19A: BONUS EPISODE – Jason Deline Outtakes

We can’t get enough of Jason Deline. Or his boozy partner.

Here you go, folks. A bonus episode of outtakes from the Jason Deline episode. You have been warned.

Thanks and enjoy!


S02E19: Jason Deline

Jason Deline takes shots.

Voice actor Jason steps into the stuio with some Mexican courage. It gets weird but funny.

Join tva, Jason, and Ian as we go vocal on:

– Jason’s great work on Radio Vault and beyond
– The wonderful art of voice acting
Jason’s voice workshop
– …and more items that, where not covered here, will be rolled out in an outtakes reel

Thanks and enjoy!