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S17E08: Kate Barron


Getting out with Kate Barron.

A favourite of the show, comedian Kate Barron returns just prior to her move to England. If you get the chance to see her, please do. She’s wonderful.

Join Kate and TVA as they bantz about the following:

– For four days there, Canadian comedians made no money
– Some foods just eat weird
– Dammit we can’t have nice things

Thanks and enjoy!


S16E18: Chanty Marostica


Winning with Chanty Marostica.

Chanty is a wonderful and talented comic just off the heels of being the first trans person to win Siris XM’s Top Comic. They’re a delight to talk to and you’ll soon see why.

Make sure you also pick up their album The Chanty Show.

Join Chanty and TVA as they consider the following:

– Metamorphosis
– The 80s Rule!
– The Darkness and the Hope

Thanks and enjoy!


S15E11: Howard Glassman


Dialing in with Howard Glassman.

Humble Howard is a wonderful radio host as well as a funny stand-up comic. Having started his comedy career in the 80s comedy boom, he became a Toronto institution as part of the “Humble & Fred Show” on CFNY/The Edge. You can check out the Humble & Fred Show on Sirius XM as well as on their downloadable podcast.

Join Howard and TVA as they SOMETHING the following:

– How not to be a Morning Zoo DJ
– The last Jew in Moose Jaw
– Get out of your head!

Thanks and enjoy!

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