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S20E12: Nile Seguin


Working it out with Nile Seguin.

Nile is a hilarious comedian and wonderful writer joining us for his eighth visit! He’s come on the show to talk about his new novel Mission: Redacted.

Join Nile, Producer Darcy and TVA as they scribble through the following:

– The writing process and why it’s horrid
– Feeling less anxious
– Do a sit-up or something

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Thanks and enjoy!


S09E23: Monica Heisey


Manning up with Monica Heisey.

Comedian and author Monica joins the pod with tales of putting her wonderful book together ‘I Can’t Believe it’s Not Better: A Woman’s Guide to Coping With Life’. You should buy it at the link or at an independent book store.

Join Monica and tva as they author up the following:

– David Letterman’s last show
– Why do we need MRAs when we could all just be nice
– What writing have you done to pay the bills?

Thanks and enjoy!

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S04E10: Graham Clark and Dave Shumka

I SPY with my little eye Graham Clark and Dave Shumka

A double-dose of awesomeness as “Stop Podcasting Yourself” hosts Graham Clark and Dave Shumka join us in studio!

Join tva, Dave, Graham, and Darcy as we pod the following:

– Life with MaximumFun
– The art of live podcastery
– Other made up subjects!

Thanks and enjoy!