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S18E09: Andrew Ivimey


Clucking tongues with Andrew Ivimey.

A long standing friend of the podcast, Andrew returns for his NINTH appearance on the podcast. Always a treat. This ep is no different.

Join Andrew and TVA as they spin a web about the following:

– Newfoundlanders explained
– SpideyVerse explained
– Bad summer movies explained

Thanks and enjoy!


S11E15: Andrew Ivimey


Going up, up and away with Andrew Ivimey.

Another one of our “not a season without him” faves, Andrew comes by to talk about his Superheroes Empire also known as FromSuperheroes.com which has texts, sketch and now a podcast.

Join Andrew and tva as they leap the following in a single bound:

– Batman v Superman v Humanity
– Bad Political Impressions? Comin’ right up!
– How to not lose your mind

Thanks and enjoy!

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