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S18E10: Carolyn Bennett


Getting bookish with Carolyn Bennett.

Carolyn returns to the show for the EIGHTH TIME! She’s got a book out called Please Stand By so go and grab that!

Join Carolyn and TVA as they poke through the following:

– We got an election!
– We got Hallowe’en!
– What are you thankful/grateful for?

Thanks and enjoy!


S07E10: Mike Storck

Mike Storck
An encore performance with Mike Storck.

Mike joins tva and DARCY returns for this in-studio offering with old friend and funnyman from Maryland, USA, Mike Storck.

Join Mike, tva & Darcy as they double-up on the following:

– Ultimate car-chases
– Hosting with the mosting
– Make sure you got a good fix-em-up car joke in your arsenal
– Also…comedians after dark! ***BONUS CONTENT***

Thanks and enjoy!

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