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S16E11: Ian MacIntyre


Burning it down with Ian MacIntyre.

Ian returns to the podcast once again with tales of writing, politics and combining the two while contributing to The Beaverton

Join Ian and TVA as they pour the following:

– Doug Ford is a Trumpette
– Satire is kind of news
– The hell with this, take a vacation

Thanks and enjoy!


S13E24: Luke Gordon Field


Running with Luke Gordon Field.

Longtime friend, funnyman and producer/writer/showrunner for The Beaverton joins us today. Among other things, you should check out the Beaverton’s podcast The Weekly Report which Luke hosts.

Join Luke and tva as they rattle through the following:

– TV shows are a bitch to do!
– People are dumb. And running things.
– Canada has accents!

Thanks and enjoy!

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S12E24: Marilla Wex


Getting a lift with Marilla Wex.

Comedian, actor and great friend Marilla rejoins tva to talk about the show that’s she’s on and tva has been as well…

THE BEAVERTON!!!. Watch it Wednesdays at 10:30pm on The Comedy Network.

Join Marilla and tva as they report on the following:

– Satire is all we got. Seriously.
– Don’t feed trolls. Seriously.
– Shower sex. Seriously.

Thanks and enjoy!

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A proud member of The Talkhole Comedy Podcast Network