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S16E10: Mike MacDonald


Putting down some words with Mike MacDonald.

Mike is a journalist, both satirical and real. From writing for The Onion, PostMedia and the CBC, he has co-written his third book in the “Choose Your Own Misery” series about dating. You can buy it HERE or where good books are sold.

Join Mike and TVA as they write up the following:

– Some of the best headlines from The Onion
– Journalism can land you in jail. Not cool.
– Sometimes writing is just sitting there and staring at a clock

Thanks and enjoy!


S16E09: Terrance Balazo


Questioning it all with Terrance Balazo.

Terrance is a hilarious comedian, actor and frequent writer on TVA’s show Write Em Up.

He is also the host and quizmaster of Another Round Trivia in Toronto as well as the quiz writer for Maclean’s magazine. Funny *and* smart? Come on!!!

Join Terrance and TVA as they buzz in on the following:

– Hosting and roasting cowboys
– Trivia is far from trivial
– Can TVA stump the Quizmaster?

Thanks and enjoy!


S16E08: Carly Heffernan


Getting sticky with Carly Heffernan.

Comedian, improvisor and actor Carly returns to the show to talk about many things, including her show She The People running now until November. Make sure you go see it!

Join Carly and TVA as they slam down on the following:

– Small town livin’ is great!
– Maple syrup: Everyone likes it, right?
– News is bad don’t do it!

Thanks and enjoy!