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S18E23: Dave Harris


Trimming it up with Dave Harris.

Dave is a wonderful guy, funny comedian and you should get his album Pointless.

Join Dave and TVA as they toast the following:

– You should watch Dave’s web series “Beer Me”, unless you like Michelob Ultra
– We can’t shave now
– Drop the jobs, tell some jokes

Thanks and enjoy!


S18E17: Sean McDonnell


Burning bridges with Sean McDonnell.

Sean’s a Vancouver-based comedian in town promoting his album All In My Head. Make sure you pick it up!

Join Sean and TVA as they drive through the following:

– The Vancouver comedy scene taken apart comic-by-comic
– Welcome to Toronto!
– Open mics. Hellscape or Botched Surgery? Discuss.

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E02: Harris Anderson


Getting above it all with Harris Anderson.

Harris is a wonderful comedian from out west and we get to talk to him. Check out his album Above and Beyond.

Join Harris and TVA as they go beyond the following:

– Monty Python rules!
– Writing totally sucks
– Vancouver: Not Just Bike Paths (c)

Thanks and enjoy!