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S17E02: Harris Anderson


Getting above it all with Harris Anderson.

Harris is a wonderful comedian from out west and we get to talk to him. Check out his album Above and Beyond.

Join Harris and TVA as they go beyond the following:

– Monty Python rules!
– Writing totally sucks
– Vancouver: Not Just Bike Paths (c)

Thanks and enjoy!


S14E09: Sunee Dhaliwal


Taking some time out with Sunee Dhaliwal.

West coast comedian Sunee slides by the studio to say some salacious stories!

Join Sunee and TVA as they meditate on the following:

– Weather! Alcohol! Depression! Yay!
– Did you know fun can be had in Buffalo?
– Steven Tyler! Gross!

Thanks and enjoy!

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S11E03: Ivan Decker


Getting scaly with Ivan Decker.

On a recent trip to Toronto, Ivan joins tva in CATP towers for a load of giggles.

(Originally recorded Oct 30, 2015)

Join Ivan and tva as they slither through the following:

– Travel movies, sports games and politics, with a dash of sex!
– The Lizard People take over!
– Science!

Thanks and enjoy!

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