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S07E17: Dylan Gott


An award-winning chat with Dylan Gott.

Dylan, co-host of the great podcast The Sports Brahs, slides by for a wonderful chat.

Join Dylan, Darcy and tva as they power-up on the following:

– Awards shows are crap
– Performing at parties are great. Really.
– Atari 2600 v. SuperNintendo…GO!
– Sports for a bit

Thanks and enjoy!

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S06P05: Kumail Nanjiani


Join us for a phone interview with the amazingly funny Kumail Nanjiani and also listen for a chance to win his amazingly funny CD/DVD combo “Beta Male”.

With the release of ‘Beta Male’, Kumail has solidified his stand-up ability and we get to discuss his comedy and other projects that he’s working on. And, if you listen to the end of the ep, you’ll get a track from the album as well as a chance to win it!

Contest closes Friday, Sept 6th.

Join Kumail and tva as they talk about:

– Growing up in Karachi, Pakistan
– Getting nerdy early
– Gamers and gaming culture

Thanks to Kumail, Comedy Central Records and The Laugh Button.