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S16E17: Michael Antonakos


Gaming with Michael Antonakos.

Michael is a wonderful actor who you can see/play in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Make sure you check it and him out!

Join Michael and TVA as they SOMETHING the following:

– Acting starts on the stage, dahling.
– Using your voice for fun and profit
– The Non-Creepy Way to Find Girls in High School

Thanks and enjoy!


S15E22: Peter Mishara


Getting in the game with Peter Mishara.

Peter is an accomplished director and created a documentary series about the evolution of artistry in video games. You can see this great series HERE IN CANADA or for our US LISTENERS HERE.

Join Peter and TVA as they press ‘Start’ on the following:

– Movies, video games and the great marriage of the two
– #ONPoli
– Welcome to Canada!

Thanks and enjoy!


S07E17: Dylan Gott


An award-winning chat with Dylan Gott.

Dylan, co-host of the great podcast The Sports Brahs, slides by for a wonderful chat.

Join Dylan, Darcy and tva as they power-up on the following:

– Awards shows are crap
– Performing at parties are great. Really.
– Atari 2600 v. SuperNintendo…GO!
– Sports for a bit

Thanks and enjoy!

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