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S18E18: Nile Seguin


Going on with Nile Seguin.

Long-time friend of the show Nile shows up to talk about everything that comics and performers go through in Canada. A fantastic chat!

Join Nile and TVA as they scribble their way through the following:

– Cases of mistaken identity and mistaken fame
– Mental health, therapy and voice work
– Just…write!

Thanks and enjoy!


S11E14: Loretta Jafelice


Voicing opinions with Loretta Jafelice.

A wonderful actor, voice and the regular kind, Loretta joins us for a wonderful conversation. Enjoy!

Join Loretta and tva as they scare up the following topics:

– Acting with the Shestevezes
– Rage on, Etobicoke
– Boo!

Thanks and enjoy!

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S07E06: Andrew Searles


Acting out with Andrew Searles.

A wry and spry, just-in-Toronto-for-a-bit, funnyman and friend Andrew joins Todd suffering hugely from jet lag following his Western run. Guess who is who in this one.

Join Andrew and tva as they watch Todd mess up the following:

– Life on the road. Fresh off the road.
– Montreal v Toronto (not just hockey)
– Don’t use Twitter without having coffee first
– And this…

Thanks and enjoy!

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