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S12E22: Anne T. Donahue


Getting wordy with Anne T. Donahue.

Anne is a wonderful, insightful and prolific writer and the process of it all is what brings us here.

Join Anne and tva as they scare up the following:

– The terror of writing
– There was an election happening when we recorded
– Comparison, balance and ghosts

Thanks and enjoy!

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S09E13: Am I Write? (Mark Bennett & Darryl Purvis)


Talking podcastery with Mark Bennett and Darryl Purvis from the Am I Write? podcast.

Darryl and Mark are no strangers to the podcast and we bring ’em both together in a literary and humourous one-two punch of hilarity to talk about their podcast about the craft of writing.

Join Darryl, Mark and tva as they write off the following:

– Why is the writing process so great and crappy at the same time?
– What’s your favourite pub in Newfoundland? We come up with a suggestion.
– Ever spend an entire day searching for time management apps? We did.

Thanks and enjoy!

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S04P01: Dylan Brody

Discoursing dactylicly with Dylan Brody.

Dylan has been doing stand-up for many years and is also an accomplished author, playwright, and comedy writer. His comedy writing is absolutely gorgeous to behold and you should definitely pick up his new album “Chronological Disorder” HERE ON iTUNES.

Join tva and Dylan as we wax melodic on:

– The creation of his latest album
– Really, really, really bad intros to the stage
– Life and times with Sam Kinison
Elayne Boosler and her work with ‘Tails of Joy’
– Working with Jimmy Brogan

Thanks and enjoy!