S17E24: Greg Eckler


Looking back with Greg Eckler.

Long-time friend Greg comes to the CATP studios to take a look down Memory Lane.

Join Greg and TVA as they traipse through the following:

– Ahhhhh. Comedy in the 80s.
– Writing v Stand-Up
– The things you learn from Rick Mercer

Thanks and enjoy!


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  1. Jonathan McLoughlin says:

    Enjoyed this. Kinda knew you guys back in the day, came across this by chance after Amazon suggested I watch Michael Gelbart then Greg was thanked in the credits and I searched for what he was up to. If my memory doesn’t fail me, Todd I think we had a shared love of Jesus Jones. Greg, you told me that I bombed more confidently than anyone you had ever seen, and couldn’t understand how I was fine in the green room 30 seconds later whereas you would be eaten up all week. You also accused me of hoarding women.

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