S01E24: Nile Seguin

NILE SEGUIN takes us away from the fringe.

Friend of the show Nile Seguin shows up with a full Darcy-and-Ian complement. What happens on the first show of 2011? Well:

– We talk about the importance of show notes
– We talk about the fringe festivals and how they’re no festivals for old men
– Nile was on the Debaters!
– We’re hopelessly optimistic about Team Canada




  1. Shelley says:

    Bitter. Bitter and angry that you would think that I wouldn’t be here listening, just like I was when Niles was on the TVA Podcast. I didn’t get to be the number one fan by NOT listening you know….


  2. Shelley says:

    One additional comment – you boys are going to have to either stop telling me about all the cool/fun facial expressions I’m missing, or start videotaping these things….

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