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S01E19: Christina Walkinshaw

We get both happy and g4y with CHRISTINA WALKINSHAW.

Cages of poop-throwing monkeys look above the pub at us in this episode and wonder just what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is going on. Join tva, Christina, Ian, and Darcy as we get saucy on the following:

– Again with the comedy road trips
– Christina invents two new comedy festivals
– We invent a new catchphrase
– We get some downright nasty “Tweet the Guest” questions
– We figure out a way to spoil your dinner conversation at Ruth’s Chris.

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S01E18: Adam Growe

We hail down ADAM GROWE from Cash Cab Canada

Adam joins us again and takes us through the left and right turns of driving a car while being filmed asking people questions. Join tva, Adam and Darcy, as we pick up the following fares:

– Middle-aged athleticism
– Places to buy coffee (support your local coffee option)
– Places not to buy shirts
– Being this close to Justin Bieber
– Season 4 of “Cash Cab Canada”
– “Tweet the Guest” questions
– Adam turns the tables and asks us questions. Finally, someone asks us how we’re doing.



S01E17: Kristeen von Hagen

Fellow Three-Letter Acronym KRISTEEN VON HAGEN slides by to share some Three Word Poetry

Kristeen joins tva et al at CATP Towers just after tva’s return from Absolute Comedy in Ottawa. Join tva, KVH, Darcy, and Ian as they meander through topics such as:

– Travel tips and road games
– The caché that comes with doing a Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend”
– Working a Just For Laughs gig
– A load…LOAD…of “Tweet the Guest” questions

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