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S05E23: Rachel Bonnetta

Kicking it off with Rachel Bonnetta.

This week a very special guest joins us, in Rachel Bonnetta, Brand Ambassador for Toronto FC as well as personality on KickTV.

Join Rachel and tva as they side-back their way through the following:

– Rachel Bonnetta: BIRD HATER
– How to land a job through profanity
– What exactly is a ‘Brand Ambassador’?
– Who are memorable when talking to on Toronto FC?
– What do we have to expect with TFC in the coming season?
– NOTE: tva actually won the bet in this ep!

Thanks and enjoy!

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S05E22: Glenn Sumi

Getting all judgey with Glenn Sumi.

We have this week one of the most well-read (can you read theatre, opera, dance and comedy?) reviewers in all of Toronto, and aficionado of comedy Glenn Sumi in studio again.

Join Glenn and tva as they review the following:

– 280 shows, bitch!
– What type of comedy does Glenn like?
– What makes for good and bad theatre in 2012?
– What’s hot and what’s not, character-wise
– We try to figure out who @DrunkGlennSumi

Thanks and enjoy!

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S05E21: Jason Blanchard

Taking a different tack with comedian Jason Blanchard.

tva loves his time with old friend and comedian Jason, so why the heck not record it for an ep?

Here’s a coffee-fueled ep with Jason, tva and Darcy as we talk up the following:

– Life not on cruise ships
– Sharing TV shows with loved ones and others
– Ever have a tack in your foot for a week?
– Other podcasts!

Cruise video:

Thanks and enjoy!

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