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Did You Know About Our BiteTV Sponsorship?

Hello, listeners.

Firstly, we hope that all is wonderful with you in this newest-of-new 2013.  We have had a great 2012 and would love to thank our guests for making this a banner year.  2013 is looking to be as good if not better.

With that in mind, one such step has been made that we feel is a wonderful partnership for the new year.  You may well know by now by listening to our recent episodes or noticed in the website blog posts that CATP is now in partnership with BiteTV, and we are very happy to be on board with this wonderful comedy channel.

You can find our page on BiteTV HERE.

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S02E08: Jason Blanchard

A nice shore leave with Jason Blanchard.

Old friend Jason Blanchard joins us above the pub for a shanty or two.

Join tva, Jason, and Ian as we run these topics up the flagpole:

– Life on cruise ships performing
– The tips for survival for long passages at sea
– What to avoid in Belize. Mostly cabs
– The new “Stand Up & Bite Me” on BiteTV

Thanks and enjoy!