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S05B01: Canadian Comedy Awards: Podcast Symposium

The Pod People: A Non-Terrestrial Invasion


Todd Van Allen (moderator)
Sean Cullen (The Sean Pod)
Emmett Hall (A Beautiful Podcast)
Graham Clark (Stop Podcasting Yourself)
Adam Christie (Hold Your Applause)
Nug Nahrgang (Illusionoid).

Podcasting: a new frontier, originaly seen to be the medium for the elite few. Common was the myth that you had to buy an iPod to get the shows. Or a Zune.

Now, with the inexpense of equipment and affordable online file storage, podcasts, like a well crafted “Everyone loves Marineland except for the animals” joke, every comedian has one.
Over the course of three short years, when I told people I had a podcast, their responses went from “What’s a podcast?” to “Of course you have one”

Podcasts: finally a medium that those with a series on the web can look down their noses at.


S03E09: Dr. Whom

Doctoring up an episode with two of the boys from Doctor Whom.

An early record this week with Ian MacIntyre and Darryl Pring of Dr. Whom in advance of their show at Comedy Bar on Thursday, October 13th, and in advance of their nod at the Canadian Comedy Awards.

Join tva, Darryl, and Ian (not that one…the nice one) as we aim the Tardis at the following:

– Again with Ian, graphic novels
– Another podcast election-night special
– The joys and perils of Netflix
– Cruises…they don’t necessarily suck
– Beastiality gone bad
– What Dr. Whom is actually like

And don’t forget to CLICK HERE to bring JIMMY PARDO to Toronto.

Thanks and enjoy!