S05B01: Canadian Comedy Awards: Podcast Symposium

The Pod People: A Non-Terrestrial Invasion


Todd Van Allen (moderator)
Sean Cullen (The Sean Pod)
Emmett Hall (A Beautiful Podcast)
Graham Clark (Stop Podcasting Yourself)
Adam Christie (Hold Your Applause)
Nug Nahrgang (Illusionoid).

Podcasting: a new frontier, originaly seen to be the medium for the elite few. Common was the myth that you had to buy an iPod to get the shows. Or a Zune.

Now, with the inexpense of equipment and affordable online file storage, podcasts, like a well crafted “Everyone loves Marineland except for the animals” joke, every comedian has one.
Over the course of three short years, when I told people I had a podcast, their responses went from “What’s a podcast?” to “Of course you have one”

Podcasts: finally a medium that those with a series on the web can look down their noses at.


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  1. Shelley says:

    This was SO much fun! I love it when funny people get together. Todd, as always, you’re the ultimate host. Yay for podcasts!

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