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S06E16: Jen Kirkman


Taking vows with Jen Kirkman.

We had the opportunity to chat with funny lady, writer, and podcaster Jen when she was doing shows at Comedy Bar here in Toronto. Such a joy!

Join Jen and tva as they wag chin-wise on the following:

– The joys of failed matrimony
– How to spend off-time
– Where deep and funny material comes from
– Her great book I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids

Thanks and enjoy!

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S04P01: Dylan Brody

Discoursing dactylicly with Dylan Brody.

Dylan has been doing stand-up for many years and is also an accomplished author, playwright, and comedy writer. His comedy writing is absolutely gorgeous to behold and you should definitely pick up his new album “Chronological Disorder” HERE ON iTUNES.

Join tva and Dylan as we wax melodic on:

– The creation of his latest album
– Really, really, really bad intros to the stage
– Life and times with Sam Kinison
Elayne Boosler and her work with ‘Tails of Joy’
– Working with Jimmy Brogan

Thanks and enjoy!


S03P04: Dave Stone of “Beards of Comedy”

Hairy tales with Beard of Comedy DAVE STONE.

Dave Stone is a member of the great touring group of comics “Beards of Comedy” who have just released their latest album “Cardio Mix” which you can buy HERE ON iTUNES!

Join tva and Dave as we chat about:

– The great comedy and arts scene in Atlanta, GA
– The collective that is the Beards of Comedy
– Taking chances in stand-up
– The new album by the Beards, “Cardio Mix”

See Dave’s “Deer Hunting” bit that we talk about here:

Thanks and enjoy!