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S23E09: Ana-Marija Stojic

Getting sweet with Ana-Maria Stojic.

Ana-Marija returns to the podcast because, well, she’s great. Make sure you get tickets for her album recording at Comedy Bar Aug 27-28 HERE!

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Join Ana-Marija, Producer Darcy and TVA as they chew on the following:

– What you streaming?
– Weddings!
– Night-time rituals

Thanks and enjoy!


S10E19: Matt O’Brien

Going underground with Matt O’Brien.

Matt returns to the podcast to discuss, among other things, his ‘Late Night Talk Show on a Subway’ as well as his album Live in a Basement in Front of 20 People.

Join Matt, Darcy and tva as they commute through the following:

– Game shows are easy!
– We do another session of “Who Worked More?”
– Recording your voice at an early age will lead to podcasting

Thanks and enjoy!

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