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S22E03: Derek Forgie

Summing it up with Derek Forgie.

Derek returns for his 11th appearance on the podcast! Incredible comedian and activist, he has started creating videos on becoming an effective ally to the indigenous community. Please find his videos HERE.

Join Derek, Producer Darcy and TVA as they clip through the following:

– We do our 2021 Year-End Review!
– Derek does a roast as a raccoon. Watch it HERE
– Derek’s a dad again!

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S20E21: Derek Forgie


Hitting 10-Forward with Derek Forgie.

Derek joins us for his ninth appearance. It’s great he could pry himself away from hosting 10 Minute Talk Show.

Join Derek, Producer Darcy and TVA as they take a stab at the following:

– An amazing Don Cherry story
– What’s on Your CD Shelf?
– The 5th Anniversary Show for the Write Em Up 5th Anniversary Show is just announced!

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S19E01: Derek Forgie


Going remote with Derek Forgie.

Stay in your homes, follks. That’s what Darcy, Derek and TVA did for the first episode of the 19th season. Make sure you check out Derek’s 10 Minute Talk Show.

Join Darcy, Derek and TVA as they stream through the following:

– Positive racism? Still racism.
– Every buy a bowling alley?
– Wholesome peanuts.

Thanks and enjoy!