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S15E04: Quincy Jones


Taking the stage with Quincy Jones.

Quincy Jones slides by the podcast to promote his upcoming project as well as mention his TWO podcasts: Free Game Fridays and Random Thoughts with Quincy Jones. Give them a listen! AFTER this episode!

Join Quincy and TVA as they introduce the following:

– Donald Trump: Sadly, still a thing
– Spare time is for the elite
– Look out for Quincy’s new project coming out this summer. HINT: Listen to the ep to find out what it is.

Thanks and enjoy!

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Season 14 album art uses Backbar with various bottles of spirits in the bar “Boilerman”, Hamburg, Germany. by Stefan Giesbert used under CC-BY-SA-4.0 / cropped from original.


S13E23: Nathan Lawr of “MINOTAURS”


Getting in tune with Nathan Lawr.

Nathan is an incredibly talented musician. His band MINOTAURS have their new amazing new album “AUM” is out now. You can get it HERE.

Join Nathan and tva as they bang out the following:

– Nathan was in King Cobb Steelie!!!
– The music biz is so lucrative!
– We solved the world. You’re welcome.

Thanks and enjoy!

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S13E18: Aparna Nancherla


Going blue with Aparna Nancherla.

Aparna returns to the show while in town doing shows and we couldn’t be happier. She’s a delight.

You can buy her album “Just Putting It Out There” HERE.

Join Aparna and tva as they pry into the following:

– Comedy, Comedy Fame, Comedy Process
– Seth Myers is doing a great job of taking down…
– Trump

Thanks and enjoy!

A proud member of The Talkhole Comedy Podcast Network