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S16E04: Wes Marsh (Kill Them With Colour)


Mixing it up with Wes Marsh.

Wes aka Kill Them With Colour is a supremely talented Juno-nominated recording artist and producer. Wes slides by to promote his latest single ‘Coastal’

Join Wes and TVAas they fill in the following:

– How many countries have you been in?
– Put roti in the mix!
– EDM and finding your voice

Thanks and enjoy!


S10E23: Clara Venice

Plugging in with Clara Venice.

Clara is a wonderful theremin artist and I would hasten you to get her new album Electric Dream. It’s truly wonderful.

Oh. What’s a theremin? You’ll see. Well, hear. You’ll hear what a theremin is JUST LISTEN TO THE SHOW!

Join Clara, Darcy and tva as they tune up the following:

– tva finds another electronic music soulmate!
– We got a theremin in the studio!
– Electronic music nerditry!

Thanks and enjoy!

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