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S11E10: Jennifer Robertson


Up the creek with Jennifer Robertson.

We love Jennifer. She’s the best, and we’re happy to have her back to talk about her work on Schitt’s Creek.

Join Jennifer and tva as they paddle through the following:

– Hooters, strip clubs and other filth
– Dodging death on holidays
– Gyms are so bad, they put your pets in therapy

Thanks and enjoy!

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S09E06: Jason Blanchard


Working it out with Jason Blanchard.

Always a pleasure to have this gentleman back on the podcast and a great way to start the year off with a bang!

Join Jason and tva as they brunch on the following:

– Gym etiquette
– The use of social media to shame the misbehaving general public
– Boats!

Thanks and enjoy!

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S04E03: Nug Nahrgang

Finding the good word with Nug.
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Sliding by before the live record of his podcast Illusionoid at Comedy Bar, Nug returns for another one of his fantastic conversations. He’s a CATP-Fan favourite, and you’ll see why.

Join tva, Nug, Darcy and Ian as we pontificate profusely on:

– The scourge that is day-jobbery
– The trouble with Friday-Night-Late
– Getting healthy
– Illusionoid and what that is, exactly
– Nerds

Thanks and enjoy!