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S16E11: Ian MacIntyre


Burning it down with Ian MacIntyre.

Ian returns to the podcast once again with tales of writing, politics and combining the two while contributing to The Beaverton

Join Ian and TVA as they pour the following:

– Doug Ford is a Trumpette
– Satire is kind of news
– The hell with this, take a vacation

Thanks and enjoy!


S12E15: Ian MacIntyre


Going deep with Ian MacIntyre.

Long time friend, funny man, writer and performer Ian comes by again for a wonderful chat. There’s a reason he keeps coming back, what with all of this intelligent and funny. His show The Beaverton debuts on the Comedy Network in November.

Join Ian and tva as they fret on the following:

– The death of Jimmy explained
– This US election is nuts
– tva’s on The Beaverton!

Thanks and enjoy!

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S08E24: Ian MacIntyre


Ford-less with Ian MacIntyre.

It would not be a season if we didn’t enjoy the presence of Ian MacIntyre, so here he is. It’s a season now!!!

Join Ian and tva as they de-emalgamate the following:

– More like Jian Gho-Messy
– #ElectionNightToronto2014
– Did Stanley Kubrick create “Furry Culture”?

Thanks and enjoy!

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