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S14E02: Eric Toth


Partying in the kitchen with Eric Toth.

Eric is a wonderful comic, improviser and directs the hilarious series My Kitchen Can Be Anything. Go check it out!

Join Eric and tva as they talk into the toaster about the following:

– What happens when your name is taken from you?
– We predict the winner of the Stanley Cup!
– Do you know what a cat burglar is?

Thanks and enjoy!

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Season 14 album art uses Backbar with various bottles of spirits in the bar “Boilerman”, Hamburg, Germany. by Stefan Giesbert used under CC-BY-SA-4.0 / cropped from original.


S06P05: Kumail Nanjiani


Join us for a phone interview with the amazingly funny Kumail Nanjiani and also listen for a chance to win his amazingly funny CD/DVD combo “Beta Male”.

With the release of ‘Beta Male’, Kumail has solidified his stand-up ability and we get to discuss his comedy and other projects that he’s working on. And, if you listen to the end of the ep, you’ll get a track from the album as well as a chance to win it!

Contest closes Friday, Sept 6th.

Join Kumail and tva as they talk about:

– Growing up in Karachi, Pakistan
– Getting nerdy early
– Gamers and gaming culture

Thanks to Kumail, Comedy Central Records and The Laugh Button.



S03P01: Tig Notaro

On the road with Tig Notaro.

Our first phoner of Season 3 and we have Tig Notaro on the line in advance of her show in Toronto at The Comedy Bar. Make sure you check it out if you can!

Also make sure that you check out Tig’s podcast “Professor Blastoff” and her new album “Good One” that is available on iTunes and through our sponsor eMusic.com where you can get $10 off your purchase!

Join tva, Tig, Ian, and Tig’s TomTom as we steer towards the following topics:

– Tig’s new album “Good One”
– Tig being Tig first before being a cop on The Sarah Silverman Program
– The exhaustion experienced on “Community”
Tig’s new show that was developed at the great community at Largo at the Coronet
– The difference between the talkshows

Thanks and enjoy!