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S20E13: John Catucci


Getting hungry with John Catucci.

You know John from his work on “You Gotta Eat Here” and “Big Food Bucket List”. John’s latest venture is hosting the world’s largest cooking class online! It happens Mon, Feb 15/21 @ 5pm EST. Proceeds go to Daily Bread Food Bank.


Join him then and join us now!

Join John, Producer Darcy and TVA as they chew on the following:

– There’s a fake John Catucci on Facebook!
– What’s your fave pasta?
– Burgers. Burgers? Burgers!

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Thanks and enjoy!


S17E18: John Catucci


Slicing it up with John Catucci.

John is back and at it again with his new show Big Food Bucket List. Make sure you check it out.

Join John and TVA as they chew over the following:

– Italy is a place you should go to
– Let’s get John back on stage!
– Some food is great. Then there are other foods.

Thanks and enjoy!


S13E01: John Catucci


Parlare con John Catucci.

John’s the host of the great Food Network Canada show You Gotta Eat Here!. He’s a fantastic friend and we begin Season 13 just in time for Christmas. So pour yourself your favourite type of nog and join us for the holidays.

Join John and tva as they fireside chat the following:

– Buon natale!
– Christmas traditions, good and bad
– A lot of stomach rumbling

Thanks and enjoy!

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