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S15E23: Larry XL


Shaking our damn heads with Larry XL.

Larry returns to the podcast with stories about the road, life in the US under Trump, and his musical project Scornstar and his EP ‘Autopilot’ you can get HERE.

Join Larry and TVA as they sing through the following:

– Some gigs are good, others…not.
– Small crowd, good crowd
– Travel is not all it’s cracked up to be

Thanks and enjoy!


S09E08: Larry XL


Living it up with Larry XL.

Larry is a big favourite here in Toronto, Ottawa and now Kingston, and tva caught up with him in December of 2014 when he hosted for Larry at Absolute Comedy in Kingston.

Join Larry and tva as they speak the following:

– Life in Canada instead of Washington DC
– Road work? It’s wonderful!
– No, YOU deal with hecklers!!!

Thanks and enjoy!

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