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S18E07: Mark DeBonis


Slicing it up with Mark DeBonis.

Mark is a truly wonderful comedian on a huge Canadian tour before he returns to LA. Make sure you check him out!

Join Mark and TVA as they fill the card with the following:

– Skid Row is a place
– How do you define ‘stand-up comedy’?
– “You should be able to perform for any audience” and other show business lies

Thanks and enjoy!


S12E13: Matt Gass


Striking a pose with Matt Gass.

Long-time friend and funny man Matt joins tva in the studio for a stunning chat.

Join Matt and tva as they sweat over the following:

– Two Joker impressions
– Sometimes work is just breakfast
– Comedy’s fun

Thanks and enjoy!

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S09E11: Norm Sousa


Trying something new with Norm Sousa.

Norm swings by to talk on CATP before he leaves for LA. Glad we caught up with him before he left. He’s great!

Join Norm and tva as they probably tell you way too much about the following:

– The humble beginnings of The Comedy Bar
– Sometimes we may provide TMI
– Oh, yeah. Winter’s happening.

Thanks and enjoy!

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