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S02E10: Tracey Hoyt

We get animated with Tracey Hoyt.

An Ian-less affair, where Tracey comes by in good voice. We talk about some fantastic shows that she’s now a part of. And tva tries to save a few bob by getting animation voice training early.

Join tva and Tracey as when we don’t talk about food, we talk about:

– Food. Like a lot of it. I did mention that, didn’t I? Dammit.
– Getting your accents together at the Speech Accent Archive
– Tracey’s great work in “Servitude”, “Stag”, and some Dr. Seuss thing
– Getting your voice animated

Thanks and enjoy!


S02E09: Darrin Rose

We get our day in court with Darrin Rose.

Darrin slides by for a spell and we have no objectsion.

Join tva, Darrin, and Ian as we testify on the following:

– Darrin’s time on the bench on “Love Court
– The run-away smash “Video On Trial
– Film work, the Edinburgh Fest, and yet another guest of ours has been on “The Debaters
– Darrin’s work with Gerry Dee

Thanks and enjoy!


S02E08: Jason Blanchard

A nice shore leave with Jason Blanchard.

Old friend Jason Blanchard joins us above the pub for a shanty or two.

Join tva, Jason, and Ian as we run these topics up the flagpole:

– Life on cruise ships performing
– The tips for survival for long passages at sea
– What to avoid in Belize. Mostly cabs
– The new “Stand Up & Bite Me” on BiteTV

Thanks and enjoy!