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S22E11: Harris Anderson

Asking for it with Harris Anderson.

Harris returns to the podcast a second time to talk about his comedy musical EP called “Songs No One Asked For“. Give this hilarious collection a listen!

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Join Harris, Producer Darcy and TVA as they shoot at the following:

– The writing process, be it jokes, songs or novellas
– Songs on a loop
– SNL and quiz shows

Thanks and enjoy!


S20E15: Shirley Gnome


Grinding it out with Shirley Gnome.

Shirley is a fantastically funny musical comedy performer. Her latest album Quantity Time is out now. Give it a listen!

Join Shirley, Producer Darcy and TVA as they pluck their way through the following:

– Starting out as a musical act, burlesque and more!
– Stand-ups are jerks!
– Australia jetlag and bourbon shows!

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Thanks and enjoy!


S18E12: Renée Wynter


Speaking with Renée Wynter.

Renée is a wonderfully talented singer. Her latest single ‘Speak’ can be found on her website.

Join Renée and TVA as they run through the following:

– From track to tunes
– Election Fever is over!
– Meeting Puff Daddy!

Thanks and enjoy!