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S20E15: Shirley Gnome


Grinding it out with Shirley Gnome.

Shirley is a fantastically funny musical comedy performer. Her latest album Quantity Time is out now. Give it a listen!

Join Shirley, Producer Darcy and TVA as they pluck their way through the following:

– Starting out as a musical act, burlesque and more!
– Stand-ups are jerks!
– Australia jetlag and bourbon shows!

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Thanks and enjoy!


S18E12: Renée Wynter


Speaking with Renée Wynter.

Renée is a wonderfully talented singer. Her latest single ‘Speak’ can be found on her website.

Join Renée and TVA as they run through the following:

– From track to tunes
– Election Fever is over!
– Meeting Puff Daddy!

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E25: Matthew Reid


Composing with Matthew Reid.

Matt returns to the podcast solo to talk about his time with Second City, the Toronto Symphony, and both!

Join Matt, Darcy and TVA as they play through the following:

– Be careful what composer you pull out of the air
– Show and improv troupe names are just dumb
– Matt’s been on ‘Chopped’!!!

Thanks and enjoy!