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S07E19: Nigel Downer

Throwing a Hail Mary with Nigel Downer.

Improvisor and actor Nigel returns to the podcast to talk football and other funnery.

Join Nigel, Darcy and tva as they find the seam on the following:

– Who’s your SuperBowl pick?
– Play stats!
– I hate reading
– Nigel’s awesome sound-a-like

Thanks and enjoy!

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S03B01: Bob Blumer BONUS EPISODE

Getting surreal with Bob Blumer.

A quick bonus episode for you as we grabbed a little bit of time with Bob while he was in town.

Join tva and Bob as they discuss:

– So many shows
– Fine foods and cookery
– Back-breaking work

Thanks and enjoy!


S03E25: Nigel Downer & Matt Reid

Getting sketchy with Nigel Downer and Matt Reid.

Second City mainstays Matt and Nigel join us for the season closer to discuss a lot of tangents…not least of which is improv and sketch comedy.

Join tva, Matt, and Nigel as we ‘yes-and’ on:

– Animation and other things
– Sketch v improv
– The art of the Second City
– Fake porn projects

Thanks and enjoy!